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We have been producing professional full motion video tours for realtors since 2006, Primarily in the Ladysmith/Chemainus area. During that time, we have filmed about 300 homes. Every home has it’s own personality, and we strive to bring out the best look for each listing. Typically, we will shoot on sunny days to present the house in it’s best light. Vendors really appreciate that their home is being shown 24/7. Vendors also appreciate that when potential buyers come for a ‘real’ showing, that they are seriously interested in the listing, as they have seen it well represented online.

These tours are shot in HD and feature a suitable music soundtrack. Voice-overs are available for a small upgrade fee, and we will work with realtors to ‘customize’ their listing videos. We now use YOUTUBE as our primary viewing platform.  We also set up our clients with a Youtube channel (Like This!)

There are some great benefits to using Youtube. The first is universal access from all over the world to your listing. The second and almost as important is SEO (search engine optimization)value. This is because Youtube is owned by Google and Google is still far and away the number one search engine.

All your listings can be on your own branded channel. You’ll see more more and more Youtube videos as you use Google to search topics. This is because North Americans currently watch 33 BILLION VIDEOS PER MONTH ONLINE! (I think that deserves capital letters). Over 95% of these videos are watched on Youtube. ‘Google’ realizes this (they’re pretty savvy), so ‘Google’ will rank videos (especially ‘Youtube’ Videos), higher in search rankings.

These videos are  completely ready for integration into existing websites including (now  These videos are also emailable,  and can be integrated into Craigslist ads as well (there is a secret code. But that’s OK, we know it…)

For realtor’s with fewer listings, our video tours are well suited. You don’t even need your own website (yeah… i said that). Let’s face it, websites are expensive. As are newspaper ads, glossy magazines and even feature sheets. But let’s consider this (from 2007 VIREB Buyer Profile Stats, published 2008):

“For Buyers of Residential Properties, the (buyer origin)…from all of Vancouver Island totaled 54%”.

What this means is that 46% (almost half) of buyers came from off-island.

How do these buyers become aware of your properties? Well, the Buyer Profile goes on to state that “introduced by a Realtor” is still #1 at 39%. Internet ( is next at 27%. What is doesn’t quantify, is how the buyers from off-island became aware of the property. Hmmm….

Video Tours of single homes are just $199.00 for the mid Island region of Vancouver Island!

For this one-time cost per listing, you will have the video tour running for the duration of the listing. We have had tours that have run for as long as 20 months ! The listing SOLD (yay!), and there was no extra cost to the realtor during the entire 20 months that the listing was running.

These same HD Video Tours can be used on Flat Panel displays in your office window or mall kiosk. We provide you a digital copy at no extra cost. New HD media players (which cost approximately ($120.00) can plug directly into an HDTV via an HDMI cable ($25-50). These media players can be set up to ‘loop’ through your videos.

Simply call 1.877.205.3456 or 250.701.8378 for more info

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