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June 2012 – We had a blast shooting another short film in Nanaimo over the last few weekends. “One of those Days” is a tribute to film noir, and private detective films of the 40’s and fifties. The film was written and directed by Lee Schwartz.

Corporate Video production remains  vibrant.

March 2012 – I’m proud to say that 2 Nanaimo productions that I shot were accepted into the Vancouver Island Short Film Festival. The first was ‘The Way We Mend”. A heartfelt drama that was directed by Linley Subryan. The second was a comedy – ‘The Daring Defibrillator”, directed by Corrie Peters. ‘The Way We Mend” was one of three films nominated for Best Film. We didn’t win, but it certainly was an honor to be nominated.

November- 2011. Work Contunues on The SeaSerpents Song Feature Film.  We continue to also work on Video Productions for VMAC Air in Nanaimo, BC on their upcoming new product release…Release-the-Beast We’ll have a sample available soon for viewing…

October -2011. Cutlass Film continues to provide some great Video Production work in the Nanaimo and Victoria areas of Vancouver Island.

In September of 2011, principal owner Ken Diewert,  hooked up with Joshua Raven of Tribe Productions, Bob Ennis of Argus Films and Perry Johnston of Epicenter Media, Graig Webb, and other to work on ‘The Seaserpents Song’ Its an exciting childrens adventure movie that is a blast to work on.

We built a large set at Bay film Studios in Maple Bay to use as the underwater research station for the movie.

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