Scenes from 2010 – Nanaimo, Victoria – Video Production

Just some clips from a few different video production projects in 2010. A short film shot in Nanaimo, BC, some body painting in Victoria BC, the creation of a sand mandala in Nanaimo, as well as some migrating salmon filmed in the Fraser River. This footage was all shot on the Canon 5D2, a revolutionary camera that has the film-like qualities of shallow depth of field, and the ability to shoot at 24 frames per second. All of this footage was shot at 30 fps. Much of the footage was shot with the Canon 70-200 f2.8L lens (my favorite). The underwater footage was shot on a Canon HV30 with an underwater housing.

Rambling about Nanaimo Video Production… Got to SEO

Yeah, I know…  I’m a Nanaimo, BC, Video Production Company and it’s shameless, but I’m blogging just to SEO. I was bummed out that when I googled ‘Nanaimo Video Production’ I was down a couple of pages, and really while it is shameless to blog for SEO… I am a Nanaimo based Video Production Company and should rank ahead of some of those that spent more time on SEO than Video Production… end of rant…

Scenes from a recent Project

These are a few shots from a recent project for the Department of fisheries. We are a Nanaimo based video production company, but we traveled to the Shuswap Region of the interior of BC for this project featuring Sockeye Salmon in the Adams River.

The Canon 5d2 – One of my favorite things…

Since investing in this camera 18 months ago, I’ve learned to absolutely love the HDSLR experience. The Canon 5d2 (or 5D-mark2) is a Digital SLR Camera with HD video capabilities. Our video productions for the Nanaimo, BC area of Vancouver Island have benefited tremendously from the added values that this camera brings. Very shallow depth of field, and 24 frames per second options present a wonderful film-like look to the footage from this camera. It is very challenging to operate, with it’s fully manual aperture, exposure and focus, but that is part of the fun and challenge. It has become my camera of choice over cameras that costs 3 times as much. Definitely this camera is one of my favorite things.

Some 5d2 sample footage

This is some sample footage shot with the 5d2 (my favorite camera) though the underwater shots were with the HV30 and an underwater housing.

Nanaimo, BC, Vancouver Island, Video Production

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